How reconciliation measures can influence your volunteer life?

People often wonder how others have time beside their often demanding and stressful jobs to spend more time with their children, being as a coach of a football team, or participating in local community activities by organising excursions for older people. No, you do not need to quit your job, though if your employer provides more flexible time arrangements on managing your work hours and commitments, it can help to juggle your family and professional life’s commitments, for example.

The European Year 2014 Alliance aims to advocate and lobby together, now with the active involvement of the European Volunteer Centre (CEV), for a European Year dedicated to discussing issues on work and family life reconciliation questions. CEV’s participation in the campaign highlights that reconciliation measures and policies have a strong transversal context and can have significant relevance to policy fields which are linked to volunteer activities, such as equal opportunities, youth and education, social inclusion, health, social care just to mention a few. Also, having more and especially tailored time for family and personal engagements means that European citizens can have more capacity to get engaged and participate in local social projects, community activities or charity work. In particular, short term, ad hoc, or online volunteering schemes often offer possibilities which people may find easier to combine with their family and work life everyday tasks.

CEV’s commitment towards 2014 is a very positive sign. Since the European Volunteer Centre was one of the initiators behind the European Year on Volunteering 2011 lobby campaign which, finally, has became one of the greatest successes of civil society co-operations in Brussels, we believe that CEV’s experience, extensive local and national network, reputation as well as valuable policy input will advance the activities of the European Year 2014 Alliance.

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