The race continues…

This was our second time in Strasbourg where the European Parliament holds its monthly plenary sessions. Every time we go, we learn, develop our knowledge on how the EP works and operates in Strasbourg, where important votes and debates take place, and also Written Declarations compete to reach the sufficient level of signatures.

We have been communicating and explaining a lot about this declaration since its launch, thus, you who read this blog have received a vast amount of information so far. To put everything into a slightly different perspective, this small piece of writing tries to summarise the Written Declaration in numbers.

3. The official time frame, 3 months, of Written Declarations when you can directly motivate and convince Members of the European Parliament to sign, hence support your campaign. 3 months are very short however to be successful with your WD you need much more time.

32. Number of the WD. Each declaration, also often called statement of policy, has its own number. The count of declarations starts at the beginning of each year.

168. The current number of signatures. We are very grateful to all MEPs who have supported the Written Declaration, therefore encouraged us to continue our work towards the adaptation of the WD.

210. The number of signatures that are still needed to get the WD adopted. That’s why, you reader, please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to help us in the collection of signatures.

378. To become official position of the European Parliament more than half of the MEPs, 378 at the moment, need to add their signatures to Written Declarations. So far 6 Written Declarations have been adopted out of 37 as of 1 January 2012.

530. The highest number of signatures ever reached in a European Parliament Written Declaration campaign on the European emergency telephone number: 112.

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