Another vlog from Strasbourg…

Here we are, on our second day in Strasbourg. We try to speak to as many individual MEPs as possible, in order to really convey the message of the Year, and what we would like to achieve with it.

Some of them are really friendly and stop and give us 5 minutes of their time and attention, and we can really go into detail, and others…not so much.

Here is a short video for you, trying to capture the atmosphere. As you can see, MEPs can sign the WD32 right by the main entrance of the Plenary Room (nickname: Hemicycle). We are not allowed to cross the bridge and go and stand right next to the table where they can sign, so this means an additional challenge.

We will up-date you on the number of signatures tomorrow, when we will also have some additional activities, such as a group photo of the 4 co-signatory MEPs.

Hope you enjoy following our activities on our Blog, all comments, questions, feedback welcome.

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1 Response to Another vlog from Strasbourg…

  1. elisa says:

    I’d like to share with you this article about the new german SPD idea about reducing the work time of employees (from 25 years old to 40) that have children.

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