Challenge accepted!

The rules governing the Written Declarations have changed since the 1st January 2013. It means, that some of our tried and tested techniques for asking MEPs to sign the Written Declaration won’t work. And this is primarily due to the fact, that the Written Declaration table has been removed from in front of the plenary room.

MEPs, who from now on would like to sign our Written Declaration Nr. 32, will have to go to a special room in the European Parliament, and do so there.

So, we still need another 44 signatures. We have received heart-warming support from our 4 co-signatories, MEPs Marian Harkin, Elisabeth Morin-Chartier, Jutta Steinruck and Roberta Angelilli. In addition, MEPs Heinz Becker from Austria rallied up his colleagues from the Employment committee, as well as we have a promise from MEP Thomas Mann in Germany too.

I guess without these ever changing rules and new challenges life would be very boring.

We have however pledged to collect the 378 signatures, to make sure that the voices of millions of families, who are struggling with Work-Life balance everyday will be heard in the European Parliament.

This is what our motivation looks like now

This is what our motivation looks like now

If we can make a little contribution to mankind through this, we will. But one thing is certain, we will try our best to come back from Strasbourg next week with the amazing news, that we have reached 378, and the months of work, hours invested in this campaign won’t be in vain.

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2 Responses to Challenge accepted!

  1. Christine says:

    Does this mean, that the EP approved the extension of the lapse date?

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