Sweden and Spain: Childcare round-the-clock!

clock handsPolice, health care workers… Thousands of people work in shifts during the weekends or at night, a time when the majority of nurseries are closed. In these cases (especially when there is only one adult in the home or when both are working), having young children forced to make real juggling organization. Unfortunately, not all parents live near family to lend a hand with their children, nor do they have sufficient income to pay someone to stay at home. To respond to these situations some nurseries have expanded their hours and days of operation up to cover weekends and evenings. We think this is a great initiative !
– – Read more about the Spanish experience (in Spanish)

Sweden has long had a glowing reputation for its generous childcare facilities and is regularly ranked as one of the best places to raise a family.  Most public nurseries offer care from around 06:00 to 18:00. But with the numbers of parents working flexible or unconventional hours going up, local councils are increasingly providing overnight and weekend services.
– – Read more about the Swedish experience here

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1 Response to Sweden and Spain: Childcare round-the-clock!

  1. chreez1 says:

    In Sweden it has gone to far. The system is “taking care of” the family. This is not the world we want. This is a way to destroy family life to create a “silent” society where the goverment controls the society and the parents right to their own children.

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