Work-Life Balance research

The Rouen Business School in France is currently studying the consequences generated by an extensive use of technology life smart phones, tablets etc on couples’ work-life balance, work attitudes and relational satisfaction. In other words, they are exploring how much we bring (and use) our work-related devices outside working hours and how this impact on our family and private life.

Some companies provide phones and other devices as benefits to their employees, others, switch off their servers after a certain hour to make their employees “disconnect” from work at nights. This has definitely an impact to families’ abilities to reconcile their professional and personal lives but, how?

In order to answer to these questions, the researchers have developed a questionnaire and are asking to couples to respond. It is important that both members of the couple respond to the questionnaire to have the “full picture”. If you want to take part in the research, find here the questionnaire:  English  French  Italian

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