Why Dads don’t take Paternity leave

paternityIt sounds like progress, but in reality some men are reluctant to take time off for a variety of reasons, ranging from a fear of losing status at work to lingering stereotypes about a father’s role in the family.

Leave is the norm for women, but men have only become a part of the discussion as traditional housewife and breadwinner roles have shifted. Some countries such as Sweden and Portugal, have mandated leave for fathers, but this is not the case everywhere…

There’s still a stigma associated with men who put parenting on an equal footing with their jobs. Active fathers are seen as distracted and less dedicated to their work (the same perception that harms career prospects for many working mothers).

Many men who take leave wind up having to work from home. Emails and calls keep rolling in as co-workers and bosses expect new dads to be on call—and dads themselves fear missing out on important projects.

Figuring out ways for new parents to stay connected to work—without taking away from bonding time with an infant—would also popularize paternity leave, said Ken Matos, senior director of employment research at the Families and Work Institute.

“One of the issues we have to resolve is how to keep people from losing connection to the workplace” during leave, he said. That could mean a weekly phone call with the boss, or agreeing beforehand to a certain amount of contact with the office.

Extract from the Wall Street Journal

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