How to be a «mompreneur»

The word is new but the concept is not. «Mompreneurs» are women arriving in their late twenties or early thirties who have a job but who chose to start their own business while they are pregnant or when their children are little. Giving birth to a child is a phase of transition in women’s lives and a period in which women ask themselves questions about what they have achieved and what they really want. Some of them decide to drop everything to start their own business and for different reasons: be their own boss, be independent financially, fulfil a dream project, work flexible hours, and balance work and family life more easily.

While working in a company, young mothers have to cope with issues such as leaving the office earlier or stay at home with a sick child and the perspectives of career evolution become thinner and thinner. Starting their own business becomes then a solution for these moms, who can then manage their time and life as they wish.

Being a mompreneur is a great way for women entrepreneurs to be both available for their children and fulfil their career aspirations, but it also has disadvantages. Indeed, giving both the business and the baby quality time can be tricky and generates pressure and stress, implies lots of responsibilities, gives no precise visibility on the salary or the evolution of the business, and leads sometimes to isolation.

Although these disadvantages may also concern women entrepreneurs in general, they are particularly affecting mompreneurs. This is why being a mompreneur requires being very well organized. As the mompreneur usually works from home so she could take care of their children, she needs to have good working conditions, such as a spare room, to keep the equipment safe and the noises and distractions away.

Being a mompreneur requires as well from the partner to be involved and supportive!

by Karolina Beaumont on behalf of the Women Entrepreneurship Platform

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More info about the Women Entrepreneurship Platform

COFACE has recently become a member of the Women Entrepreneurship Platform.

The WEP wants to break down the barriers to female entrepreneurship by advocating for measures meant to promote the issue and to improve access to finance, education, innovation, government policies and networks. According to the network, action is needed because encouraging women’s entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve economic, financial and social impact and is a step towards gender equality.

Thanks to this membership, COFACE, and its member organisation’s representatives will be able to participate at the yearly meetings and conferences of WEP, exchange and share information, cooperate and learn about women entrepreneurs. We are pleased to be a member of this mushrooming platform and look forward to advocating together towards women’s employment and labour market participation in particular promoting and sharing experience on female entrepreneurship.

WEP is organising its next lunch debate at the European Parliament on 19 March 2014 that will debate the topic of education and entrepreneurship.

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