Work-life balance: a shared responsibility conference

Fairer and more flexible work contracts, easier access to career breaks and a holistic approach are the main recommendations made by Europe’s local and regional authorities.

The conference ‘Work-life balance: a shared responsibility’ organised by The Committee of the Regions in Logroño (Spain) looked at how Europe’s regions can contribute to balancing work and family life through the framing and the implementation of policy measures that support the participation of women in the labour force and more flexible forms of working time arrangements. Teresa Blat, the President of Spanish COFACE’s member organisation UNAF presented our campaign “2014 Year of Reconciling Work and Family Life in Europe”.

2014 conciliacion
One of the conclusions of the day was that responsibility for a suitable work-life balance is to be shared between workers, families, social partners, local and regional authorities and all public and private services. Only by ensuring a holistic approach it will be possible to pursue a social and economic sustainable environment that puts individuals and their families at the heart of policymaking.

The conclusions of the conference are available here

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