COHEHRE Conference 2014 – Reconciling work and family in health and social care education

April 9-11, Groningen, The Netherlands

COHEHRE was established with the support of the European Commission and within the framework of the Erasmus-programme. The consortium was formed as the result of a European congress of 8 Institutes of Higher Education in Health and Rehabilitation in February 1990 in Ghent, Belgium. It is a European network with the aim to foster exchange between different stakeholders in the field of health education across the EU. Through their regular conferences COHEHRE explores different topics more in detail. The 2014 conference focused on the reconciliation of work and family life.

The conference was held in Groningen, hosted by the Hanze University for Applied Sciences. The speciality of the Hanze University is on active and healthy ageing, and through the different workshops, poster presentations and exchanges the participants explored different aspects of the issue.

COFACE’s director, Agnes Uhereczky was one of the key-note speakers, and also ran a workshop with the theme: “Families under pressure – reconciling work and family life”. All the presentations can be found and downloaded from here:

It was very interesting for us to connect with this particular sector of healthcare and social care colleges and universities, as they are the training ground for the formal carers that families rely on for their care needs, and also looking at how health-and social care workers are struggling with reconciling their work and family life, due to irregular working hours (i.e. night-shifts), overtime, unpredictable working hours due to staff-shortages.

The participants were coming from different European countries and different schools and universities, and the discussions were very enriching and high-level. More on the conference in general is here

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