European Employers’ Forum: 5 days to go!

We are getting closer to the European Employers’ Forum for Work Life Balance!

For those who cannot be in Helsinki with us, don’t forget that you can follow the conference on LIVE STREAMING:

On Monday 8 September (13:00 to 18:00 EET)
Pre Conference

On Tuesday 9 September (9:00-17:30 EET)
European Employers’ Forum for Work-Life Balance

But also here and here

The #EEFWLB is a highly interactive event. We will discuss #familyfriendly workplace measures both days. We invite you to get involved, ask questions, react and join the conversation by using the hashtag #EEFWLB and #employersforum #worklifebalance.

Follow the conference on Storify

All about the conference

More information on our website

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