Watch the #EEFWLB again


Employers have a crucial role in making work-life balance a reality. But there is not a one-solution-fits-all measure!

COFACE, in collaboration with its Finnish member Väestöliitto, The Family Federation of Finland organised the Employers’ Forum for Work Life Balance on September 8-9 in Helsinki.

The #EEFWLB was a great opportunity to foster exchange between employers from the private, public and third sectors, experts and representatives of social partners, scientists and researchers to discuss family friendly workplace measures.

Among the many issues discussed it clearly emerged that flexible working arrangements are proven to be beneficial for the employee and for the company as it increases commitment and reduce turn-over. It should not serve only working parents or workers with care responsibilities but should be designed and made available to all workers, regardless of their gender or family status.

All the VIDEOS from the pre-conference on “New Dimensions of Family-Life and Work for Women, Men and Children” can be watched here:

All the VIDEOS from the European Employers’ Forum for Work-Life Balance can be watched here:

The #EEFWLB was the second highlight event of COFACE’s Year of Reconciling Work and Family Life in Europe over the course of 2014. We had a wonderful time and have greatly enjoyed the quality and variety of the presentations, questions and comments.

More: #EEFWLB on Social Media   #EEFWLB pictures   #EEFWLB conference website

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