MEPs can improve the lives of working parents, carers and all families in Europe // Towards a new Family policies Intergroup

Last year, 388 MEPs expressed their support to put the issue of reconciling work and family life higher on the European Agenda (by signing the Written Declaration 32/2012). This new legislative period of the European Parliament is a key opportunity to do so.

Earlier this year we launched the publication #FamiliesVOTE2014 in which we asked to several European political groups whether they are in favor of the creation of a new Family policies Intergroup.

Today we are asking MEPs to join the Family policies Intergroup and to contribute to improve policies that will have an effect on the lives of millions of working parents, carers and all the different forms of families in the EU. If you wish to read more about the proposed work-programme of the Intergroup, please go here to read the Manifesto of the Family Policies Intergroup – Reinforcing Family as a Basic Component of Society and Reconciling Work and Family.

This Intergroup proposal has been put forward by: Ildikó GÁLL-PELCZ (EPP, HU) Vice President of the European Parliament; Jutta STEINRUCK (S&D, DE); Arne GERICKE (ECR, DE); Marian HARKIN (ALDE, IE) and Klaus BUCHNER (Greens, DE).

We will keep you informed. Watch this space!

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