Family and Work: challenges for the balance

NUST 2014 COFACE was invited to participate in the seminar “Family and Work: challenges for the balance”, organised by the NUST Network (New Social Uses of Time) created by the city of Barcelona.

The NUST network gathers more than seventy companies that have pledged to encourage a better management of time, and help reconciling work, family and personal schedules, encouraging increased levels of productivity and a climate of confidence that benefits both the companies and their employees, contributing, that way, to improve the overall quality of life of the city’s citizens.

Annemie Drieskens, President of COFACE was invited to offer an overview of the status and trends of policies for reconciling work and family life in Europe. She explained the key elements of the European Reconciliation Package that COFACE is developing in collaboration with employers, trade unions and a wide Alliance of social NGOs and underlining the principles of “gender equality, non-discrimination, solidarity and social inclusion”.

Annemie Drieskens underlined that too many families in Europe struggle to find a good work life balance. Employers have a crucial role in making work life balance a reality. She reflected that work-life balance is not a luxury problem and does contribute to the company’s core business and underlined the need to “foster dialogue in companies in order to better understand the needs of workers and improve their balance between work and family life.” COFACE President said that “supportive companies have to provide more flexibility and autonomy to workers so they can find the best response to the specific needs of their family” to be healthier and more productive.

The event -organised as part of the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family- also featured a panel of business experiences in the field of reconciliation of work, family and personal life moderated by the Director of Program Time and Quality of Life.

Read more (in Spanish)  |  Storify |  Twitter @XarxaNust

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