COFACE’s Annual Report 2014 launched!

COFACE Annual Report 2014

by Ana Pérez

2014 was a special year for COFACE. It was the year of our successful campaign Reconciling Work and Family life in Europe. We organised three main events in close collaboration with the Greek and Italian European Presidencies and with the Finish Minister of Social Welfare with the aim of sharing as widely as possible inspiring work-life balance practices. These were great opportunities to learn about the different aspects of reconciliation, the real challenges at national, regional, local and workplace levels, and also very inspiring to see all the different initiatives, that are making a difference in the lives of many working parents and carers.

2014 was also an election year in Europe. We organised a debate for the European Elections and released a publication which contained the comparative answers of the main political groups to a number of key questions such as reconciling work and family life, energy, migration and employment.

2014 was an important year for our successful #DeleteCyberbullying campaign. All along the year we promoted our awareness raising video “Cyberbullying: There is way out” and the #DeleteCyberbullying app.

And last but not least, in 2014, COFACE obtained special consultative status at the UN. This status enables COFACE to bring our European expertise to the global policy stage.

You will find statistics, infographics and interesting data on our 16 page Annual report. Download it here

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