European Reconciliation Package: Annexes on Structural Funds available!

newsmay2015-annexesWhat can the EU do for you? Did you know that each EU country has an agency promoting local projects aimed at supporting employment and training through the European Social Fund?

To answer these and other questions, and to show that even if indirectly the EU has been doing some concrete actions to support reconciliation of work and family life, through its funding, we have published an Annex to our European Reconciliation Package, listing examples of funded project in the EU and gathering contact details where more information and guidance can be asked directly from citizens on current and future activities in their country.

The European Social Fund has been used to support inclusion of women in the labour maket and reconciliation measures through training or counselling for young mothers, or support to families with disabled children or professional training for childcare teachers. The European Regional Development Fund, has also been used to promote and support women’s employment or entrepreneurship.

More about the European Reconciliation Package

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