Update on the Maternity Leave Directive

newsmay2015-mldby Ana Pérez

After 7 years from the proposal from the European Commission and 5 years after the vote in the European Parliament, we are still at the same point: the Council does not express its position and blocks the co-decision process, i.e. the legislative procedure that the EU uses to create or update legislation. It is not a difference of view points or a difficulty in finding a compromise, but it is a total disregard of European democracy!

COFACE, together with other NGOs has been denouncing this unfair procedure and called repeatedly to start talks and move forward, especially in these last months, since the European Commission has threatened to withdraw the initial proposal as it may fall under the so-called “refit” process because if its stagnation. The European Court of Justice has however recently ruled specifically about how and when the Commission can withdraw a proposal and when refit can be applied.

In its last plenary session, the European Parliament has voted a Resolution asking to the Council to start talks, renewing its commitment to safeguard rights and promote health of pregnant and breastfeeding women, and calling to the Commission to put forward a new legislative initiative in case this current proposal would be withdrawn.

Read more:
Maternity leave: MEPs urge Council to restart talks (Press release, EP, 20/05/2015)
MEPs call for breakthrough on maternity leave (Article, EP, 19/05/2015)

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1 Response to Update on the Maternity Leave Directive

  1. Gabrielle Chabert says:

    Cette fois-ci mon programme conserve une mise en forme potable! Tu trouveras ici les antécédents suffisants, me semble-t-il, pour la directive congés de maternité, y compris les liens vers les articles et communiqués de presse du Parlement.


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