Work-life balance: you can!

wlbyoucanThis is the title of the book launched in the European Parliament on 27 January, in an event hosted by MEP Elena Gentile and MEP Patrizia Toia. The book gathers successful experiences of work-life balance from the Province of Trento (Italy) and is included in a wider framework of policies to support the reconciliation of work and family life that Trento is implementing. Luciano Malfer, Head of the Provincial Agency for Family Policies, presented the results of the action that are implemented in a systematic and coherent way across the policy spectrum, in order to support the different needs of families. Interesting to note that this actions are included within the local economic development framework and not as social policies, since, as Malfer said: “all policies supporting families and communities becomes automatically policies that boost local development”.

Some of the initiative from the Trento Province are also included in the European Reconciliation Package that COFACE launched in 2015 and among the Good practices on Reconciliation of Work and Family Life collected by EIGE – European Institute for Gender Equality, in 2014. Paola Panzeri, representing COFACE, underlined the importance of coherent measures to support families all along the life-cycle and that could respond to the different needs of families that may differ for each family and according to the specific moment. This is why it is important to have not only a good policies but a comprehensive and coherent framework that could work as a safety net on which families can rely according to their current needs, from childcare to elderly care, need for flexible employment or a period of leave.

More: Press release (in Italian)

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