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EP calls for common parental leave rules to be enforced

Everyone, without regard to gender, should be guaranteed the right to parental leave without discrimination, regardless of the employment sector or the type of contract under which working fathers and mothers are employed. There are big differences in parental leave … Continue reading

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Update on the Maternity Leave Directive

by Ana Pérez After 7 years from the proposal from the European Commission and 5 years after the vote in the European Parliament, we are still at the same point: the Council does not express its position and blocks the … Continue reading

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“La Femme Shiva”

Notre campagne pour faire de 2014 l’Année européenne de la Conciliation de la vie professionnelle et la vie familiale apparaît dans le dernier numéro du magazine Elle Belgique. L’article s’intitule “La Femme Shiva”  page1  page2 . La femme Shiva … a … Continue reading

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Danes are among the happiest in Europe with their family life – Wondering why?

For a working professional woman whose employer provides minimal sick and vacation leave, having a baby often means cobbling together a combination of paid sick and vacation leave, disability insurance, and even unpaid leave, to deliver and care for her … Continue reading

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