Time to register! A sustainable care system for Europe


With the current demographic trends that see the European population getting older, families have more and more care responsibilities towards their ageing or dependent family members. 80% of care hours for ageing or disabled persons is provided by family or informal carers, free of charge.

Care providers within families are often women and because of the difficulties they face in reconciling their paid employment with the care responsibilities and also because of insufficiency or lack of quality, accessible and affordable services, they often end up dropping out of the labour market. This has a serious impact on their possibility to re-integrate paid employment, and directly effects their pension contributions and their social inclusion, exposing them to a higher risk of poverty and social exclusion.

On the other hand, a growing trend for families in Europe is to hire an external carer, often from a migrant background, that provides 24h care, living with the person in need of care. However, this model has some social consequences, on care workers and the person cared for, and it is urgent to reflect whether, in its current application, this is a socially sustainable care model for Europe.

In this conference, COFACE and its member Anziani e Non Solo aim to discuss and present, under the auspices of the Italian Presidency of the EU, policies and practices developed at local and national level that can support families in reconciling their work and care responsibilities and reflect on the sustainability of the current growing trends of care.

Draft Programme
Hashtag: #sustainablecarewlb

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Watch the #EEFWLB again!


Employers have a crucial role in making work-life balance a reality. But there is not a one-solution-fits-all measure!

COFACE, in collaboration with its Finnish member Väestöliitto, The Family Federation of Finland organised the Employers’ Forum for Work Life Balance on September 8-9 in Helsinki.

The #EEFWLB was a great opportunity to foster exchange between employers from the private, public and third sectors, experts and representatives of social partners, scientists and researchers to discuss family friendly workplace measures.

Among the many issues discussed it clearly emerged that flexible working arrangements are proven to be beneficial for the employee and for the company as it increases commitment and reduce turn-over. It should not serve only working parents or workers with care responsibilities but should be designed and made available to all workers, regardless of their gender or family status.

A detailed report will be soon available on our website. In the meantime you can already watch all the presentations:

All the VIDEOS from the pre-conference on “New Dimensions of Family-Life and Work for Women, Men and Children” can be watched here:

All the VIDEOS from the European Employers’ Forum for Work-Life Balance can be watched here:

The #EEFWLB was the second highlight event of COFACE’s Year of Reconciling Work and Family Life in Europe over the course of 2014. We had a wonderful time and have greatly enjoyed the quality and variety of the presentations, questions and comments.

More: #EEFWLB on Social Media   #EEFWLB pictures   #EEFWLB conference website

We hope to see many of you again at the next COFACE event on Sustainable care system on November 4th in Rome. More information here. But if you cannot come to Rome, remember that it is always possible to follow the event live on Social Media with our new hashtag #sustainablecarewlb.


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European Employers’ Forum: 5 days to go!

We are getting closer to the European Employers’ Forum for Work Life Balance!

For those who cannot be in Helsinki with us, don’t forget that you can follow the conference on LIVE STREAMING:

On Monday 8 September (13:00 to 18:00 EET)
Pre Conference

On Tuesday 9 September (9:00-17:30 EET)
European Employers’ Forum for Work-Life Balance

Link: http://wm.videonet.fi/netvideo/intermission.wmv
But also here and here

The #EEFWLB is a highly interactive event. We will discuss #familyfriendly workplace measures both days. We invite you to get involved, ask questions, react and join the conversation by using the hashtag #EEFWLB and #employersforum #worklifebalance.

Follow the conference on Storify

All about the conference

More information on our website

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Identity and work-life balance: it’s all in the sandwich

In a previous job I was involved a bit with the preoccupation around identity, especially in an international context: how is our identity shaped or affected when we travel or live abroad. It was during that time, in order to understand the complex issue of identity, someone told me about our own, unique identity sandwich, as we are not one block that defines us, but many different layers that make up our unique identity-DNA if you wish. These layers can shift and move, and our identity make-up may change during our lifetime, especially, if we are exposed to intense experiences.

We are all individual. With our own specific history, up-bringing, culture, dreams and aspirations. Yet we are also part of a group, our family, group of friends, educators, church, and sports-club. During our lives these powerful connections we make shape who we are, our identity and our sense of belonging. So my identity sandwich for example is made up of the layers of being a woman, Hungarian, living in Belgium, being a parent, and not necessarily in that order. The thickness and importance of these identity layers will greatly influence my choices and priorities in life. Football fans across the globe I imagine prioritised watching the matches of the World cup over choosing other activities or even sleep in the past few weeks. Parents with a sick child will prioritise being there over going to the cinema. Avid walkers will prioritise a weekend in the woods over staying indoors and watching TV.

As most of us have to, and a large majority of us wants to work, we spend a huge proportion of our lives working. The paradox of work is, that while many of us end up hating it, we all initially actively seek it out. What is quite often forgotten, is that the business of work is not only to produce goods or services, but in fact work makes people. We become what we do. Our work makes up a very important layer in our identity sandwich.

In our societies work is central to our culture. If someone asks you “What do you do?” they really mean “What work do you do?” When a woman is asked “Do you work?”, what is meant is “Are you doing a paid job?”

As we are preparing for our up-coming conference in Helsinki, Finland on the 9th September, the European Employers’ Forum, the issue of work-life balance, or that of reconciling work and family life is again central to our thinking. We are finalising the programme, and there will be many very interesting presentations about the point of view of employers on this issue.

Reading about the subject, we can safely say that the trend is moving towards more democratic workplaces, away from the industrial age model. More autonomy and personalised human resource management seems also on the rise, at least in those workplaces that have woken up to this new workplace revolution.

Today I put two and two together, and started looking at these “new work” or “future work” trends through the identity lens.  As we seek out certain professions, we gravitate towards them because we are looking for a connection between ourselves and the identities we build through the work.

In relation to employers, they manage a number of individuals, who even with similar backgrounds have different identity profiles and thus value and prioritise different things in life. Some will outright prioritise work – if it figures very prominently in their identity getup. Others will always prioritise their family, no matter how committed they may be at work. And it is OK, as long as co-workers and line-managers understand, how important it is for everyone to be true to themselves and nurture their identities. Pretending to be a workaholic to please one’s boss will never work, at least not in the long run.

So where am I getting with all this? To put it simply, work forms us, gives us focus, a vehicle for personal expression and offers us a means for personal definition. And it will be those workplaces that will systematically outperform others, where employees and workers can stay individuals, even during working hours. Where they are recognised for their multiple identities and roles in society, in their family sphere, their civic sphere, and given the flexibility and freedom to be all these things. The rewards for such a workplace will be greater loyalty and enhanced productivity. Always.

Agnes Uhereczky

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Cracking the Myths of Work Life Balance on 8-9 September, Helsinki. Register now to secure your place!


The myth that work-life balance policies and practices are a luxury does not contribute to the company core business is still widespread! This is why we are organizing the Employers’ Forum for Work Life Balance in Helsinki, Finland on 8-9 September, as an opportunity to provide information and change attitudes, as a myth buster.

The Forum will specifically feature work-life balance measures, and existing examples that have already demonstrated concrete outcomes in increasing company productivity, employee satisfaction, responsibility and ownership, gender equality.

Register now to secure your place! euemployersforum.eventbrite.com

This event is jointly organised by COFACE and its Finnish member organisation, the Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The conference will take place at The House of the Estates.

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Programme and further information on our website

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Work and Family Researchers Network conference

The international Work and Family Researchers Network organised its biennial conference, “Changing Work and Family Relationships in a Global Economy”, in New York on 19-21 June, where COFACE presented its activities in terms of the 2014 Year of Reconciling Work and Family Life in Europe.

WFRN poster presentation - COFACE

The event, which gathered more than 600 participants, including researchers, practitioners and scholars, touched upon many of the recent research areas on work-life balance, presented new book releases and provided space for debate and dialogue. Some of the highlights and most relevant research topics discussed at the conference were an update on the White House conference on Working Families, a lively dialogue on the understanding of working fathers in the 21st century, work-life balance in the times of financial cries and austerity in Europe. More about the conference here

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8-9 September, The European Employers’ Forum for Work-Life Balance, Helsinki

8-9 September: The European Employers' Forum for Work-Life Balance, Helsinki

8-9 September: The European Employers’ Forum for Work-Life Balance, Helsinki

With the support of the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the European Commission

Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland and COFACE, the Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union are organizing the European Employers’ Forum for Work Life Balance on September 8-9 in Helsinki.The conference will take place at the prestigious Säätytal (The House of the Estates).

9 September: EEFWLB Programme

8 September: Pre-Conference “New Dimensions of Family-Life and Work for Women, Men and Children”

Registration: http://euemployersforum.eventbrite.com

You are also kindly invited to a pre-conference on the 8th September, organised by Väestöliitto, to showcase Finnish examples, as well as to a get-together party at 6pm on the 8th September at the premises of Väestöliitto.

The European Employers’ Forum will bring together employers from the private, public and third sectors to discuss family friendly workplace measures for offering a better work-life balance for their employees. The core focus of the Forum will be on sharing knowledge, developing good practices and identifying ways to take action and drive change on work-life balance strategies as well as programmes.

The Forum will specifically feature work-life balance measures that have already demonstrated concrete outcomes in increasing company productivity, employee satisfaction, responsibility and gender equality.

Experts and representatives of social partners, European and national level decision makers, scientists and researchers will lead the debate in each conference sessions. These debates will be preceded by keynote contributions and followed by the intervention of discussants and, of course, participants. Each session of the conference will be lead by a moderator who facilitate the discourse and debate.

The Forum will also explore the following policy areas: parental leave, company childcare, care services, family friendly working hours, work and care, sustainable work practices, fatherhood at working places, workplace options, job-sharing etc.

Join our LinkedIn Group European Employers’ Forum for Work Life Balance #EEFWLB

Further information will be available on our website

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