We have already explained and said a lot about the Written Declaration number 32, therefore it is getting more and more challenging to make up new stories and ideas. Still, I can clearly and loudly express that on behalf of the Secretariat of COFACE, on behalf of our networks and membership organisations, on behalf of NGOs and various civil society representatives, individuals, co-signer MEPs, member states of several EU countries, we are delighted by all the support and encouragement we have received during the last four months. Indeed, it has been an exhausting period, which has not yet ended.

While I am writing this post, we are still waiting for the European Parliament’s official decision on the request to extend the lapse date of the declaration with an extra month, which would provide us enough time to convince the remaining 44 MEPs about the relevancy and actuality of 2014 to be dedicated to draw attention to family and work-life balance issues.

Also, it is very important to know that rules of Written Declarations have been changed and from now on future declarations should take into consideration a different protocol. If you, or your organisation, are planning to submit any declaration in the future you should be aware that, for instance, the submission of declarations requires at least 10 MEPs from at least 3 political groups, also, the names of signatures will be public and there is no possibility to ask for any extension period.

Though, some might think that the “life” of lobbyists who will decide to get engaged in WD campaign will get complicated, and I am sure that some have different opinion. One thing I am sure, declarations will still play an important and attractive role for those who wish to shape European level policies.

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